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Part 2  How to Hit Your Driver

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Part 3 of Your 6 Part Series

Here’s a great training video by Johnny Miller to teach you a simple easy way to produce a proper golf swing. This video features a tutorial using irons but with the proper setup the same mechanics can be used to hit a driver.

The difference is, you do not want to hit down on the ball when hitting a driver.

When hitting a driver you want to tee the ball up and move it to the front of your stance just off the instep of your left foot. This way you will be sweeping the ball off the tee at a slight upwards angle creating the best trajectory for maximum distance.

In part 2, you will watch another video and I will go into more detail on how to swing a driver.



Whether you are a total beginner or have been golfing for years but just haven’t settled on a reliable consistent swing this video could transform your game.

Johnny starts out by giving a quick explanation of applying the correct golf grip but for a more in-depth look at the proper grip visit my golf grip page.


The Key to Improving Your Golf Swing


You  cannot watch this video one time and grasp everything he is saying. You just can’t do it. Learning takes time and repetition. If you are serious about getting better and impressing your friends with your new found golfing skills you are going to have to watch this video and read the tutorial several times.

You have to let it sink in. You have to take notes and you have to take those notes to the practice range with you and work on your swing.


Here is what I suggest.

Watch the video one time through and read the comments I have written below.

Then watch the video again but this time take notes. Every time Johnny makes a point that makes sense to you, write it down.

Watch it as many times as you feel you need to and then go to the driving range and give it a try. Pay close attention to what you are doing and follow your notes.

I am convinced your game will improve.

Here we go.

Your weight should be distributed evenly between both feet and you should be in a comfortable and relaxed posture with your head up at address. Your left arm and club will be in a straight line. Also be sure that your club face is square.

Next, your left hip, shoulder, arm and hand will all move at once pushing away from the ball to start the back swing.

You will then load your weight onto your right foot and finish your back swing with your wrist in line with your arm, not bent in or out.

This next part is critical in my opinion. When I discovered this move my game changed.

You must let the club fall from the top of your back swing using mostly just the force of gravity.

If you have had a light grip and have strayed relaxed in your back swing, letting the club drop will help you stay on line, keep an inside to outside swing, create more club head speed and  more power.

Let’s be clear here. You don’t want to just go limp and let the club drop. You still have to control the club but you don’t want to yank or pull the club from the top of your backswing.

You want to put all of the speed and power on the bottom of your swing and whip it or release it through the ball.

Also as Johnny says, keep the club face square until your hands reach the outside of your left leg.

Remember to keep the club face traveling down your target line.

It is also critical to transfer your weight to your left side and get your belt buckle pointing at your target at follow through.


Some thoughts to remember.

Be sure to start with the proper grip and setup.

Grip pressure should be fairly light throughout the swing. Do not squeeze hard on the grip.

It is not a quick jerky motion. Keep your swing smooth and use an even tempo.

Remember to turn through your shot in every stage. Your belt buckle should be facing your target when you finish.

Stay relaxed throughout the entire swing. Keep your grip light. Your arm, shoulders legs and body should all be relaxed. No tension!

Your weight should be on the insides of your feet and towards the balls of your feet at setup.

Weight should transfer to your right side (80% on your right foot) during the back swing and naturally back to your left side as you start your downswing.

It is just like skipping a rock on a pond or throwing a Frisbee. Everyone does this naturally. Nobody has to think about it. This is critical! You must transfer your weight to your left side (90% of your weight on your left foot at follow through)


Another thing to remember.

The golf swing is not about muscle or strength. The key to hitting a golf ball is using the proper golf swing technique. It’s about tempo, club head speed and hitting the ball on the sweet spot and with the club face square.

If you are young and strong and have the flexibility of a gymnast And you use the right swing mechanics you are going to hit some monster drives but if you’re not (and most of us aren’t) you can still have a great golf game by playing within your limits.

I have found that I can hit the ball just as far using a ¾ swing as I can with a full swing and with more consistency and accuracy because the shorter swing eliminates some of the timing issues involved in a full swing and gives me less of a chance to screw up.

Anyone can learn how to play golf. The key is to maximize your individual ability. We can’t all be professional golfers but I hope this site has helped you become the best golfer you can be.

If you haven’t already visited my pages containing my golf grip instruction video or my golf setup video please be sure to do so.


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